cxx-abi-dev Archives

Discussion and development of the Itanium C++ ABI originally took place on a mailing list called "cxx-abi-dev", as well as several offline meetings. That mailing list is now defunct, and discussion and development now happens on our GitHub repository. However, the old discussions are still valuable as a source of historical information about the ABI, which can illuminate the intent of both the document and its implementations. Therefore, we include a complete archive of the mailing list.

Currently, these archives are just the output of the original pipermail mailing-list program. This can make it frustrating to navigate a single conversation, especially since the program tends to break conversations into multiple threads if they happen to span the start of a new month. We'd like to clean this up and present a somewhat more modern and easy-to-read archive. If we do, we'll leave the pipermail archives so that links aren't disrupted.